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Fragments OF® concept evolves in several fields such as :

  • Sculptures with Swatch® watches > Fragments OF TIME®
  • Lightings creation > Fragments OF LIGHT®
  • Music > Fragments OF SOUNDS®

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your journey...


Fragments OF LIGHT®


Fragments OF SOUNDS®

Swatch® is a registered trademark of Swatch Group®.


I wanted to thank all the people who are part of my life because without them and their patience, all of this would have been impossible.

I know there are going to be many thanks but they are important to me.

Thank you my lover, thank you my adorable children, thank you mom and dad, thank you sister, thank you to my grandparents,

thank you my aunts and uncles, thank you my cousins, thank you godmother and the clique, thank you to my family in law,

thank you to my friends, thank you to the Swatch® Family,

Thank you to the music (and more symbolically to Prince) and to conclude, thank you to my dreams and my memories.

"By believing in his dreams, man turns them into reality" - Hergé

Laurent Stefani

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