The Fragments OF TIME® project began in 1995 with this desire to make small sculptures ​with Swatch® watches.

Very quickly, many of these “Fragments” that travel this website arrive when ideas ​collide, creativity is there and passion too.

My room at the time was a laboratory where all this came to life. This project uses ​recovered elements such as electronic components, wood, metal, tree roots, ...

Thanks to these Fragments OF TIME®, I first acquired the status of Gold Member of the ​Swatch® Club in 1996 and finally the status of Pioneer Member.

These statutes allowed me to meet Mr. Nicolas Hayek, as well as his son

Mr. G. Nicolas Hayek.

Meeting whose memory remains timeless as a... Swatch®.

These Fragments are a multitude of memories that are dear to me, they are also a ​translation and an answer to my creative side.

They are also an immense recognition to the creators and designers of Swatch®.

I sincerely hope that this will make you travel through... these Fragments OF TIME®.

In any case, thank you for attention to this project.






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Swatch® is the exclusive property of Swatch Group®.

The Swatch® watches illustrated on this website belong to Swatch®.

The Fragments OF TIME® represent the vision of a Swatch® enthusiast.

Thank you so much for taking the time to browse this website.

All photographies and designs on this website are copyrighted.

Please admire and consider the work, it’s free ;-)

- Thank you -

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